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Simply perfect, from coffee bean to cup.

Our love of coffee stretches back over two generations, from the tropical highlands of Zimbabwe, to the cosmopolitan heart of Sydney. We’re proud to bring you an eclectic selection of the finest Arabica coffees, with a lifetime of knowledge and passion poured into every one.

A passion for coffee.

In fact, you could say our master roasters Lance and Andrew are obsessed with creating the perfect blend. There’s something about the thick, golden crema, velvety smooth taste and freshly- roasted smell of our handcrafted coffee that keeps us happily addicted to the art of coffee- roasting. We love what we do, and we know you’ll love our coffee. You can buy our coffee online right here on our website.

Artisan-made, gourmet blends.

We hand-pick our coffee beans from different regions, each one chosen for its distinctive, individual flavour. Then, with a little coffee alchemy, we bring them together to create an exciting range of handmade blends, freshly roasted and delivered within 24 hours. We only roast to order, so you’ll notice the taste of the freshest, most aromatic beans in every cup.

Savour the freshly- roasted taste.

Did you know that coffee is a fresh food product? As soon as it’s roasted, the oxidisation, or staling process starts. That’s why freshly - roasted coffee tastes so good - because it’s fresh. To keep our coffee fresher for longer, we use a special one-way valve packaging system. This allows the natural gases to escape, without letting outside air in. Buy some coffee online today to experience the freshness!

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Latest Products/Monthly Specials

  • quamar q50 coffee grinder


    quamar q50 coffee grinder

    The Quamar Q50 is the ultimate grinder for the true coffee enthusiast. A really good grinder is as important as a good coffee machine if you are serious about producing great coffee at home. 

    The Quamar Q50 carries the same parts as the commercial Quamar range, and many cafes use this grinder for their decaf or secondary single-origin.

    The Q50 is a grind-on-demand grinder and features either a programmable touch pad for a pre-selected dose, or a push option. It has 54mm stainless steel grinder blades and can manage volumes of up to 1.5kg a day.

    Available in 8 design colours including black graphite, matte black, shiny black, shiny red, polished aluminium, metallic silver, shiny white or shiny orange.

    Weight: 9kg

    Dimensions: 155mm (w) x 220mm (d) x 460mm (h)

    Download Brochure.

  • aeropress coffee maker


    aeropress coffee maker

    The Aeropress is a quick and simple method of making delicious coffee at home, on holidays or in the office. All you require is a kettle, your favourite freshly-roasted coffee and the aeropress.

    Using gentle air pressure and the ideal water temperature; brewing with the Aeropress yields rich flavour with lower acidity and no bitterness. The total immersion brewing style results in uniform extraction for the ultimate in full coffee flavour.

    The micro filter provides grit free coffee – unlike other press-type coffee makers.

    Only taking about 2 minutes to prepare, the Aeropress is a fast way of preparing beautiful, smooth and rich coffee any time of the day.

    Replacement paper filters and re-useable stainless-steel filters are available.

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